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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A bulleted list that few will find interesting

HHEEELLLOOOO Blog world. I have missed thee. I wish I had an interesting enough life that I could keep this up as often as I did while I was in Mexico. But alas, it's not that interesting and I don't have that much time. BUT, because I love reading updates from the blogs I follow, I figured I should update as well....ATTENTION! AWFUL METAPHOR ABOUT TO BE GIVEN!! it's like if you love eating out at Italian restaurants so much then there comes a point when you need to cook some of your own pasta to enjoy at home...

Well atleast it makes since to me. It probably would to Rachel Ray as well, she loves pasta apparently.

ANYWAYS. Rabbit trail officially followed. Who wants an update of me life? Even if the answer is no one i'm still gonna write it out cause I feel like it'll help me figure out what the heck I'm even doing.

-I'm a senior. Last year of college. So far not near as exciting and care free as last year of highschool, but maybe that's because real life is way too close for me to be comfortable with.

-My BFF is engaged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanted to put this at the number one update about my life (since she's been part of my life since pre-k) but I figured me being a senior was an important one too. Congrats Char-town and RyGuy. This is 2 months late...but hopefully they'll love me anyways for the shout out.

-I am stressed lately. Over lots. Which is dumb. But it's a daily thing. PRAYERS PLEASE?

-I found a new musical liking: A Fine Frenzy- Ingrid mixed with..something? A little poppy but good.

-I am wanting a change. Like...with my look. (i feel like that's a quote from Glamour). But really. Here are the thoughts my mind has led me to concerning that:
-New tattoo
-New piercing-...possibly non-ear?
-Hair dye
-Short bangs
-Chop all my hair off.
Still haven't decided which of those while take place. Im squishing the idea around. Input anyone? The first 2 are a little...extreme so most likely won't happen. But you never know..... :)

-I am a part time mom. Basically. Which means early early mornings (6:20) but also lots and lots of love and fun! I watch a 6 week old and a 2 year old 4 hours a day, 3 days a week. Totally worth waking up early.

-I love Moe's. Still. And forever. Amen.

Love and Stress and Spanish and Nonsense blog posts,