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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How did your day go today Amy?

Well, thanks for asking, let me tell you!

I started it out by getting up at 9, eatin a bowl of cereal then runnin a bit on the treadmill (yes, the guilt got to me) then I did a pilates cool down.

Next, I headed over to my first job of the day: Babysitting a 9 month old and a 19 month old for 2 hours- cutest little baby girls. Diaper butts and all. I enjoyed that job a whole lot.

2nd job of the day was heading over the west jackson to cover Ruth's Kindertot's hour. That was interesting- so interesting. The kids were really funny. I felt like a dork the WHOLE time. I am a dork. So it is appropriate.

After that I finally got my shower after bein sweaty. I then ate a lean cuisine pizza-oh so yummy.

3rd (and final)job of the day was the usual-pickin up Chloe' and Ty at school then watchin them til like 7.

Overall- good and tiring day. Im glad I was able to relax tonight and just chill and be alone. This whole workin in Jackson thing might not be so bad.

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