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Friday, April 24, 2009

A Jumble of Goodies

It's FRIDAY!!! Which is really exciting. I have nothing too interesting going on in my life to post about, so i'll mention these three randos:

1. I love my little sister meredith. She is cuter than me but I am ok with that. We're champs.

2. I painted this last weekend, as a break from writing my paper and it turned out cute! Even though it only partially matches my room. I still love it. (P.S, Char if you're reading this- your art skills have flown past mine. Hence this painting. You win at being good at art :) Where's Jb when we need him!?)

P.S I know it's backwards. It says love, faith, hope in Espanol.

3. I have a soccer AND a softball game tonight that I am pumped for!! We won our last game 3-2, so tonight should be alot alot of fun.....I have no picture to show....

WEEKENDS ARE THE BEST!!! (said in a nacho libre voice).

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  1. This is my favorite post ever.... mostly just because our whole existence you have made fun of my art skills and you just said that i was better. i am so surprised! i would just like to say that all the credit goes to my art professors... not dbutt. and lets just remember that i am in art class like 6 hours a week for the past year. that helps. i miss you bff