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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paper break. Much needed.

So I have a 10 page paper due on Tuesday for my TESL 220- Phoetics and Language Acquisition class. It's going to be a really interesting paper on infant language acquisition and language delays for children. BUT. It is also frustrating to be sitting in bed all Saturday working on it. And I want it to be good and accurate. Not rushed together. We'll see how it goes. I started it this afternoon and have roughly 4 pages done...but I needed a break. Hence this post. :)

Thoughts in my head:
- i love augastana
-i wish this cold would go away, it's been with me since Monday and im not happy about it
- our room smells most likely because of somethin gone bad in the freezer but Brooke insists its a dead mouse...none of us want to confirm that..because that would involve finding the dead mouse...
-i need to spend less money probably
-i need to pick out my classes for next semester and NOT freak out because they will probably be hard and demanding
-i dont read my bible enough
-febreeze does a sucky job of "eliminating" odor
-i think i might where my peace sign necklace everyday from now on because i am liking it alot lately
-i have nothing to do for dinner tonight. Suck.
-my bed is made and that is weird
-also the news is on in the other room, which is weird
-my sister is laying on the beach right now-oh to be married and travel to fun places just because
-I AM GOING TO SEE HANNAH MONTANA MOVIE TONIGHT-highlight of my day most likely
-i should paint

That is the randomness of my life. Now for a quick paint break before attempting to finish up this dreaded Saturday stealer!

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