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Saturday, June 20, 2009

LIfe update from beautiful Chatt town

Well, it is a Saturday away from camp and I had a break to update a bit.

Camp has been amazing so far, which I knew it would be, but I think i had forgotten how MUCH i love it and missed it.My camp friends are excellent, so encouraging, and SO fun. I laugh all the time when I'm around them. It is such a blessing to be surrounded by such great girls and guys. Love them.

The Lord has just filled me with joy as I have been in Chatt these weeks. I've had such a good time. And I think I am becoming more myself as i go along, that sounds weird but thats what it seems like. I am going to be sad to leave.. but I also know that the Lord wants me in Honduras as well. It's going to be/already is a great summer.

I got to talk with my co, Kelsey Bull alot this week about our faith, struggles, and what the Lord has taught us. It is crazy that the Lord brought us together all the way from Memphis and Ohio to Chattanooga to be together in a cabin loving on girls. I am so grateful.

This weekend in chatt has been great so far. I ate Panera for lunch with camp friends, then Mark and Shawn came up here (yay!!) from their camp in Georgia and we went to the Aquarium and got starbucks and talked about life. I had missed those dear friends. Weird that we are going to be juniors. Then we went to RockCreek down under and looked around then they headed back to their camp. Now i am resting( MUCH needed). Dinner tonight at Amigos with camp buds. A good weekend for sure.

I miss Memphis, but I love Chattanooga. I miss Leo, luckily I got a picture that said "Leo" today while we were out- so funny.

I shared my testimony to the whole camp last week, it was good to tell it again. I love sharing the Lord's work in my life. I think hearing peoples testimonies tell ALOT about them. Alot.

Well, it's about nap time. (much needed).

Summer rocks.


  1. I love hearing everyone's testimonies too! I'm glad you are having a wonderful time in Chatty!

  2. BFF its really great to hear your words. I have missed you major. Call me on your way home from Chatt if you have time.