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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Roadtrip: Because it's what college kids do.

Last Thursday night, Kimberlee, India, and I made our way out of town to enjoy some of the greater things in life: Nashville, shopping, Dave Barnes.

It was an epic trip. I love just being able to decide that day or a few days before to do something random with no schedule. Love it.

We headed to Nashville around 4 so that we would have time to shop before Dave played. Of course we hit up Gap, gosh I just love that store. And thankfully so do Indi and Kim cause we spent over an hour in there. After visiting a few more stores, we grabbed dinner real quick (as quick as one can when they are craving chilis and must go there), then realized that it was 8:45 and the concert starts at 9.... We then proceeded to run, yes RUN through the mall to make it to our car on time to get there.


The show was great. Dave was lookin good, and singing good, as usual. Matt Wertz made a surprise appearance- no complaints about that.

AND on top of that I saw great friends! Allison Little, JT, Jordan, Katie Lewis, and J Paul. It was a BIG DEAL seeing Katie. Gosh it had been over a year! How crazy is that. Dave Barnes just brings people together- that's all there is to it!


  1. I'm absolutely floored I made it on your blog!! haha And it was Soooo good to see you too!! What a wonderful surprise :)

  2. SOOOO jealous that you got to see Dave...and almost equally as jealous that you saw camp friends!