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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gotta love friends

I have the best college friends ever. Let that be said first off. Now that we are all juniors, things are changing, people are growing up, making plans, going places. You know how it goes. Well this past fall was actually the last semester we would all have together before a of all) Kimberlee goes to Washington DC for the semester (our own little city girl journalist) and b of all) ALLI GETS ENGAGED. yea. a big deal.

So how did we celebrate? Oh you know, just a little best friend photoshoot. Check them out!

Katie is the tallest brunette, Alli is the tallest blonde, Ruth is the middle brunette, India middle blonde, I am the shortest brunette, and Kimberlee is the tallest blonde.

We are friends.
The end.

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