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Saturday, March 27, 2010

New addiction:

Well it is spring break.

And I am in Memphis at home. Which means lots of free time (unfortunately boring free time). Later in the week I will have more going on but it's only Saturday night, and my spring break started...yesterday... So there isn't much going on yet.

As i await the arrival of my long desired Felicity season 3 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I get my show fix by watching "My life as Liz"

EVERYONE should watch this. It takes a while til you warm up to it, but it's good. So funny and so highschool. The girl in it is a mix between Haley Williams (of Paramore), Juno, and the coolest person you know- whoever that may be.

Charlotte, I feel like you would like this for some reason. Check it out, or don't. It's whatever.

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  1. oh im checkin it out. duh. you are my bff. i do what you say.