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Monday, August 24, 2009

A big part of my heart is at CVP

Cvp is the camp in Soddy Daisy, TN (right outside Chatt) that i have worked at the past two summers. I LOVE it. There's just something great and right about spending a month or so on the lake, in the mountains, with kids, loving on people and praising the Lord. I love camp. That being said, I feel like some pictures could do a better job at showing camp than my words. And i just love pictures.

this is the Union crew that worked this summer and last. I am SO thankful to have grown close to them.

This is me and Kelsey's (my sweet co) first cabin together. They were FUN girls.
ME AND KELSEY :) She was SO encouraging. We were able to open up to each other ALOT and grow close to each other by loving on our girls and spending time in the word together.
Kristin Mardis. I love her. She makes me laugh so much and is a great friend to me. She's probablly, no, definitely my favorite college grad so far.
This is a typical ho down night. All dressed up in the typical things. Lookin right. Feelin right. Dancin. You know. Ho down night is THE BEST. It is so much fun. Many mems made on nights like these (cha cha slide, dumb group dances, Amos Moses, counselor dance, our calves killing us after the night is over, rice krispie treats. you know). This is why I miss thursday nights at CVP. ho down.Oh the dock. I love the dock. This is waterfront orientation. And this is only a few of the kids. The waterfront is where it's at. Thanks to Kristin, Clay, and Ryan. They are the best waterfront staff. Seriously, i would like to be sitting on the side of the dock, swimming, or blobbing with friends right now. I miss this.

This is what camps all about. Fun times. Fun friends. Just living life well in the summer. And spending a crazy amount of time with the Lord. That's the best part for me. This was a GREAT kick off to my summer. Mems were made. Good times good times.

I'm just so thankful that I am still close to so many of the people I have met at camp this summer and last. It really is a family. And one i like to be a part of!

The honduras post is next, so keep checkin back for it, it's gonna be a good one!!

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  1. i love this. and i love that camp has this same effect on pretty much everyone... its such a special place. i love you shmames! (ps- have you read my post-camp blog? it's titled "Part of my Heart"... just like yours sorta! love it.)