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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Part 1: Just doin what I love

So, what do you get when you combine 3 american girls, 2 body guards, 8 sweet children, and 1 "papa" interpreting between all of us? A great time in Honduras. Legit. I LOVED being there.

Well, as you saw in my last post, camp was THE BEST. But my summer adventure did not end there. (I know, how can it get better right?) I got home from camp on a saturday night and flew out at 6:00 am 1 day later to meet Kimberlee and Indi (two close friends from college) in Honduras.

From the moment I got there, I loved it. The smallest mission trip out of the country I had been on before this consisted of probably 15 people. So going with just me and 2 other girls was different but SO refreshing. A completely new experience. I arrived in Tegucigalpa (the capital where we were working) before lunch and headed straight to one of the neighborhoods to deliver medical supplies. That's just to show you that from the moment I got in the country, I did not stop feeling useful for the purpose that the Lord sent us there for- to love on the kids and just be there to serve them and help.

Since this post would literally be 12 pages if I told you every detail (and I know some of you love me but not THAT much), ill just hit the main points of the ministry and good times we had while in Tegucigalpa.

From my experience bullet points are the easiest to read/ most enjoyable (and they dont look as intimidating as a straight up paragraph).

Memories (or mems as I like to call them):

-One of the first things I see in the city is, believe it or not, a Chilis. Life is good.
-Working with a week old orphanage with only 8 precious, love needing children
-Visiting 3 neighboorhood schools/centers near by and getting to help with lessons for the children
-Seeing, from our balcony, a huge mob of protesters in front of the president's palace. legit.
-Painting, cleaning, and fixing anythings, and I mean anything that needed some work (even a baptismal).
-Having about 12 awkward pictures taken of me throughout the trip. Compliments of Kimberlee herself.
-Going grocery shopping and desperately trying to communicate the words "peanut butter" and "cookie dough" to the Hondurans working at the grocery store
-Improving my spanish BIG TIME, on account of me and kim and our papa were the only ones probablly in the 10 mile vicinity that could speak both english and spanish.
-Playing soccer with the little neighborhood kids, and getting beat.
-Taking the orphanage kids to the zoo....and seeing monkeys loose just chillin
-Spending hours daily with Julia and Eduardo(our body guards)
-Listening to (hours) of 90's cheesy music with Julia and Eduardo. I dunno why...rando.
-Leading a women's conference on saturdays for girls and women in the neighborhoods
-Taking part in a baking class learning from the women how to make pastries and sweets
-Sharing my testimony at church to well over 70 people (It was SO great. I love telling it)
-Going to chilis multiple times. It's better in Honduras than U.S. Believe it.
-Wearing Hawaiian shirts and sneaking down to the lobby to find things....then setting off the fire alarm...yeah...
-Going to a bilingual church in Honduras
-Praising the Lord in Spanish
-Eating lunch at our papa's house. Listening to him and gaining wisdom from his life experiences and testimony.
-Loving on children- legit this was the BEST part. They needed love and care. That's why we were there. To serve them and love them.

Well, you made it through. The Lord did GREAT things through me and in me while I was in Tegucigalpa. I am so thankful that He called me to be there this summer. It was an awesme 2 1/2 weeks. Doing ministry beside close close friends is something special. I wouldn't trade it at all. It is going to happen much more often. that's for sure.

Stay tuned for next post which is dedicated to...Pictures!!


  1. Amy! Sounds like you had an awesome adventure this summer! I'm so glad you were able to serve our Lord thousands of miles away from home. Very few get that opportunity, but what a blessing it is when the Lord leads you to an opportunity like that. Can't wait to see pictures! Love and miss you friend!

  2. ames-
    i am really sad that our time in memphis together was short and i couldnt hear all of this from you mouth... but i am so grateful for all the Lord has done in you this summer. He has called you to Himself, redeemed you, and then continues to lavish grace upon you by letting you serve Him where He has called you. I am blown away by God's kindness to us. love you.

  3. Amy, I'm so glad to get a little taste of your experience in Honduras! I know God has used it to grow your love for him and people. You never know how God used you...may never know til heaven! I'd love to hear more about what God is doing in your heart even now!