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Sunday, May 3, 2009

The many faces of Amy Holden

So, this weekend I was not just Amy Holden. Let me list out for you the many facets of life I chose to embrace this weekend:

2.toga designer
3.champion bowler
4.witness in a police report
5.bargain finder
6.awkward friend

And each of one of these has great stories to go along with them!!

1. my lovely roommate Brooke Laws had a party Saturday night that she needed to look HOTT for. And, since her hair is about down to her butt(not really but that girl does have some long hair), she needed me to curl it for her. And might i say it looked great!

2. This party she attended wasn't just any party, it involved TOGAS! So i helped wrap her up in her toga. So presh.

3.this one basically speaks for itself. A bunch of us went bowling for Mark's birthday last night from 12-2. So much fun. And I was a champion...in my own heart atleast.

4.Ruth had a wreck Saturday while we were driving to the oh so marvelous flea market. it was sad. but we are fine and so is Ruth's car. Yet I am still a witness in the report. I felt somewhat important.

5. I always love bargains. And i always love food. So finding food for a bargain is the ultimate. I went to Moe's and got a whole meal for $1.54. I know. Incredible.

6.Well everyone knows im awkward. Best capture of this was last night, while bowling, after Stephen and Kim did a victory kiss I said, "it's great that we have a group where friends kiss in front of friends". 5 minutes later, after I bowled a strike, I offered my cheek to kim for a victory kiss...then to Stephen. HA. He kindly declined.

7. So, despite popular belief, I might be good at business deals. That is vague. And thats ok. Ha. It's not sketch, for the record.

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