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Monday, May 11, 2009

New Addiction

FelicityI love this show SO MUCH. And it's all thanks to my best friend Charlotte.

So me and Kimberlee watched episodes 1-8 on saturday from 4:00 that afternoon til 3:30 in the morning, with one dinner break and one putt putt break. And let me just say that was a great way to spend a saturday.

This show has it all. it's like real college life. No joke. Straight up. It's the perfect amount of drama but without being over the top or fake. I really do love it. And so lucky to get it as a gift from my friend. I think finals week might just be dominated by us watching this show obsessively. Im ok with that. I think all but one of my teachers, if i showed them this show, would be ok with it too. Haha.

It's so hard not to over analyze the show and be all symbolic about it like- which character is which of my friends and things such as that. I know it's silly, I just love the show.

Next to One Tree Hill, this is the best show I have seen.

No lie.

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