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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer is kinda weird...

Well today officially starts summer for me. I finished my last exam this mornin at 8:30 then packed up my car and what not. That took me about an hour, since I was packing it by myself with the occasional help of Chloe' and Ty. Then, I took the kids to eat at Zaxby's as a last day of babysitting fun. Next is where the bad part of my day starts... So, it's no secret that my car struggles to get through daily life normally. And today was just a classic example of that. It had been overheating lately-typical summertime behavior for her, so this week the fan has been staying on an abnormal amount of time. Then, when I pulled into the driveway at the kid's house, it leaked a bunch of stuff. GREAT. So i call my mom and tell her, blah blah blah. And right at that instance I start to feel very faint like I might actually pass out. This is due to lack of hydration and packing my car up. I've been feeling dizzy ever since. And I didn't get to take the kids to the pool.

All this to say, summer is weird. I mean, don't get me wrong, im so glad to be out of school and headed off to summer adventures. BUT, it's weird. That's just where I stand.

A of all, it involves saying goodbye to alot of college friends that you know you won't see til next fall. this is sad.

B of all, it involves worrying about money and the fall-atleast for me, since I won't be having as steady of a job this summer than i normally do during the school year.

But I am still really excited about summer- camp and Honduras, probably equally. It is going to be an adventure. And i have so many friends who are going off doing similar things- Char in Texas, Katie in North Dakota, Ruth all over, Gracie in Texas.

So summer is great. But weird.

That is all.


  1. If your adventures become anything like mine is you will be THRILLED. I really can't express to you how much I love Dallas. I am so confident that I am in the Lord's will and that you are too. Just follow Him and be obedient. I will be praying that you will hear His call and grow into even more godly woman. Love you Ames.

  2. I'm so excited for you and that you get the opportunity to work camp again and also Honduras! So great! I'm enjoying ND and can't wait to see what all God has in store for me this summer while I am WAY north! ha. I can't wait to hear all about camp and Honduras.
    Dear John???