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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Day 5: Siesta, Te, y LASAGNA!!!!!

Hola todos mis amigos!!!

I almost just starting typing this whole post in Spanish, that would have been interesting to see y'all try and understand it (minus my Spanish-pro friends: Alli, Kimberlee, Aunt Susie, and... Mole (ish).

Today was a gooooood day. Filled with...not too much- which made it good :) Class was long but manageable. I am getting much more confident in my conversation skills and since my classes are advanced, there aren't too many people in them (only 10) because most students are taking beginner or intermediate. After class I stopped by the Atm to withdraw some money. Hopefully it'll be my last time to take out money- i'm really trying to budget while I'm here but since everything's so darn cheap it makes me feel like I can buy everything.... :) But I won't.

Well yesterday we visited this famous monument que se llama la "Pepila". It's famous in Guanajuato because it symbolizes Mexican Independence and the men that fought to make that happen. It was pretty awesome. And the weather was perfect. Naturally me and Abby Nolen got a sweet picture of us acting like warriors in front of Pepila. I'll post pictures sometime soon hopefully of that trip.

Side note: I'm sitting in the den right now updating this and I was watching some CSI in ENGLISH! with spanish subtitles (shout out to mi mama American- MOM THAT'S YOU). Anyways, all of a sudden mi mama Mexicana walks up and asks if she can change the channel to watch a Mexican romantic novel...haha. So i'm currently watching that with her. Strange.

Anyways, so today was good, like I said. Mainly because we had the best LASAGNA ever for lunch- and lasagna is not normal for mexico, if you didn't know. It was gooood. Then I took a siesta for about 2 hours :) Then got to skype with my rents for an hour and I'll get to skype with Shawn tonight!

I ended the night by eating chess by and drinking hot tea with Erica, Pancho, and Elaina(the girl from Chicago that lives upstairs). Hot tea makes everything better(especially my stomach!)

Here's some pictures from the past days of my room, Leo in my suitcase (ha), and my reaction to my first experience with Mexican cerveza:

Thanks to all who read! It makes me feel like y'all with me.Trust me, if I could I'd fly you all out here!!!!

Love and Tortillas (and Lasagna),



  1. you are funny.

  2. Thank you for giving me an (ish) Spanish label. I feel practically fluent now.