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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Day 3 (as promised)- First Day of Classes

Remember my first day here how sad I was and how miserable I described it? It's much better now. Thanks for all of the prayers and for thinking about me while I'm gone. I have the best friends/family ever. Things have gotten so much better!

Though it's currently Tuesday, this post is about Monday-my first day of class! I am taking 4 classes while I'm here, which is sort of alot but they are only an hour each, which makes it better:

Gramatica, conversacion, literatura, y historia

I like all of my professors...well almost all. Ha...

My grammar teacher, Martin, rocks. He's hysterical and is actually making el subjunctivo (this really difficult grammar lesson that is imperative for Spanish but doesn't exist in the English language) kinda fun!

My conversation teacher, the only female (professora) that I have, is really awesome too! She is very animated and makes us speak in class so i think it'll definitely give me confidence!

My literature teacher is also really great. He is very passionate about the subject, which makes it more interesting. All of the authors we will be covering over the month are ones that I have studied in my classes back home in the university. I'm really excited about learning more about them though!

And lastly...Ignacio. My history teacher...oh Ignacio. Well, A of all, he has a sweet beard and is as thin as a pencil. B of all, he mumbles like crazy and therefore I (along with the rest of the class) cannot understand much of what her says!!! C of all...it's history, which is boring anyways. But alas, I'll push through it. I usually just laugh whenever he laughs. That seems to work pretty well.

So those are my teachers/classes. I have school from 9-1 (monday and friday) and til 2 on tues, wed, thurs for museum visits and Mexican culture class. and then i go home for lunch at 3!!! (this late lunch is killing me...not something I wanna get used to!)

Things with my host home are great stilL! I've seen alot more of the girls who live above me. They are nice and we are able to practice our Spanish together. Kelsey, the girl from Louisville who lives above me, has class at the same time as me and we walk to La Universidad de Guanajuato together. That's about it for day 3 in the city. I'm planning on staying in the house tonight to rest, read, do homework, ans skype with some friends, so I'll most likely update tonight as well about Day 4( today- tuesday).

P.S i tried to post some pictures, but im not sure if it's working..i'll try again later i suppose...

Love and Tortillas--which i had for lunch :),



  1. Girl from Louisville? I'm from Louisville. Promise you won't replace me. Also, hello. I just found this lovely blog of yours. I think it's hilarious that Alli wants to live in it. I hope she sees this comment. Well, I love you and will look forward to reading about your adventures. You and Kimmie, our real professional friends who go cool places and write about it. You're awesome. Miss you!

  2. I see this comment. At first I didn't realize it was you, and I was confused. Hi Kate, welcome to my I-wish-new-home!