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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Days 10-12: Tarea, tarea, mas tarea

It's currently Wednesday and I am laying in bed relaxing after eating a MASSIVE plate of spaghetti...or Espaghetti, as they say here. It was delicious. Well, this week has been good so far. Monday class was very difficult, because we started a new grammar lesson on Subjunctive- my least favorite part of Spanish! haha. But i made it through it. Good news: out of my whole class I'm the only one who got 100 on our first quiz. My professor said he was very impressed- which is good, but it also means I got keep up the hard work and not slack off!

On a not so fun note, I've had more tarea (homework) lately. I have an essay due Friday (which I've already completed!) and a group presentation Friday as well (which I'm going to work on tonight!). So, the last two nights I just stayed in and worked on homework/relaxed. It's been good.

I found out yesterday that I actually am going to have to take my clothes to the lavanderia instead of her being able to wash them here, but I think it'll be cheaper that way anyways, and they fold all your stuff up so cute!

Let's see...what else has been going on? OH! Today in conversation class, some students from Mexico that are learning English came to visit. So we spent half of the class practicing our Spanish with them and the other half helping them with their English. They were horrible at English, haha which is im sure how they felt about my Spanish! But maybe not, since they were beginner English and I am advanced. It was a really cool experience though! And fun to meet Mexican students our same age.

how about I list the top ten things from home I am missing and yall can enjoy them these next few weeks on behalf of me? K great. Here they are, just like David Letterman show: TOP TEN THINGS FROM THE U.S AMY HOLDEN MISSES WHILE ABROAD:(excluding people and pets (aka Leo).

1.Moe's (come on, y'all HAD to know this would be first)
2.Chick f la spicy chicken sandwich
4.Driving a car
5.Bachelorette/Pretty Little Liars
7.My own bed
8.First Evan
9.Sweat tea
10.people laughing at my jokes

Te amo todos de mis amigos!! See you all semi soon at the glorious wedding festivities of Allison Kirby Gaines and Gentry Kyle Hill. CANNOT WAIT!!!! Hope my dress fits, and if it doesn't I hope it's because I've gotten skinny from walking up these darn hills all day.

Love and Tortillas (and spaghetti?),



  1. I love that your first three were all food.... so typical.