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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Days 7-9: Salsa, Jesus, and Cards

Hola! Weird title combo? Possibly. Fitting for my weekend? Yes.

My first week in GTO (Guanajuato) is complete! Which is good. And since my first week is complete, that means I have completed my first weekend as well. And it was definitely fun! Friday night I went out in el centro with Lori, Abby, Cassie, Allysha, and Trish. It was alot of fun!!! We went to dinner at a place called El Abue- it's recommended by the New York Times as one of the best restaurants in GTO. And my meal only cost $7. Yeah- it was legit AND cheap. Alright alright. Then we went to Bar Fly- kinda lame, but fun to talk with everyone. Then (this was my favorite part of the night), we went SALSA DANCING! At this place called "El Bar"- most creative name ever by the way. It was so much fun. The four of us (me, abby, cassie, and lori) are sitting there talking and all of a sudden this huge tall mexican man just walks up to Cassie and says "baile?". So she just got up without thinking and starting dancing with him and didnt stop the whole night!! Me and Abby were dying laughing. We kept an eye on her to make sure he was being a gentleman- and he was! Then Lori got asked to dance. Which makes sense. Lori and Cassie are both half mexican. But me and Abby are EXTREMELY white...therefore we assumed we would not get any invitation...

HA. Next thing I know our WAITER asks me to dance. I look at Abby as if to say "Seriously?SHould I? (all hesitant). and she just gives me a look like "duh." Next thing I know I'm salsa dancing in Mexico with some random waiter. It was so fun though! He taught me alot of things and I had a good time. We didn't stay out too too late because we had an early morning but it was such a good first weekend night!! Here's some highlights of that night:

On Saturday, we took out first excursion to "Cristo el Rey"- basically a massive statue of Jesus Christ that overlooked the whole city! The biggest statue of Christ ever made is located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras- and luckily I saw that last summer. Blessed to have been able to travel to great places...with jesus statues! It also provided a BEAUTIFUL view of the city- we were basically level with the clouds. Which made me want to jump on them (which I realize is impossible). Here's what it looked like:

Nearly exhausted, we decided we couldn't handle salsa dancing saturday night we instead we played cards and drank cappucinos with two guys on the trip (married ones ha) Greg and Mark. It was a chill night and alot of fun. They are fun guys to talk to!! Mi primer fin de semana fue tan bueno y divertido! I can't wait for what's to come. I'm having a great time and really improving my Spanish!

Well, now Im about to skype with K. Mole then S. Chandler then K. Hauss hopefully. That's a pretty strong line-up. No weak players there. Ha. Oh, and I'm drinking hot tea....mmm warms my belly and my heart.

Well, that's all for now! Hasta luego

Love and Tortillas,



  1. looks like you are having so much fun! let me know if i can fit into your skyping sched at some point this week. love you

  2. K. Mole is a name I have never been called. But I guess it's ok since you included me in your strong line-up. Love the update. I just thought about you living on the other side of my bedroom wall next month and it made me oh so happy!